President Barack Obama 

Musical Page Dedicated To President Barack H. Obama 

featuring the original composition: "Obama Overture" 2009 


Mr. Robin O. Maynes composed the OBAMA OVERTURE ( 2009) in celebration of Barack Obama's rise to the presidency and his accomplishments thus far. Over the last year and a half, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have stabilized our financial system, ended insurance company abuses, invested in private sector jobs, cut taxes for middle-class families, and established the strongest consumer financial protections in history.


This composition is written and scored for Piano and Orchestra.


Neither the OBAMA OVERTURE nor the OBAMA OVERTURE Music Video ( 2009) is for sale. Either may be downloaded and shared.


  Robin Maynes

 Below are places the OBAMA OVERTURE can be found:


 Obama Overture Music Video (...on this web -- .wmv format -- 21.9 mbs)


        also on: MySpace -|- FaceBook -|- YouTube 


 Obama Overture (...on this web -- .mp3 format -- 16.7 mbs)


 (More Video of Robin Maynes at the piano)

 President_B_Obama_Letter_To_Robin.jpg (281262 bytes)

 I was very happy to receive a letter from President Obama five months after composing 

 the OBAMA OVERTURE and I'm extremely pleased with its contents.

 Thank you, Mr. President!     Robin Maynes

ObamaCard_HappyNewYear_2010.jpg (120071 bytes)

 I was very happy to receive a Seasons Greetings Card from President Obama and the 

 First Family to my family in late 2010! 

 Thank you, Mr. President!     Robin Maynes 



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